Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, May 27, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, May 27, 2011

High gas prices drive up summer travel costs

AAA's Heather Hunter discusses this year's high gas prices, and how they will affect summer travel. Already, gas prices are more than $1 per gallon higher than they were last year, but travelers seem undeterred.
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The U.S. economy is slowing in the second quarter

Chris Low, chief economist at FTN Financial, discusses this week's economic indicators, and how the slowing economy will affect the recovery.
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Consumer spending shows tepid growth

Jill Schlesinger, editor-at-large at CBS/MoneyWatch, takes a look at today's numbers from the Commerce Department, and explains how slow consumer spending growth and GDP affects the recovery.
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GOP hopes to sell Amtrak's Northeastern corridor

As a part of the Republican plan to reduce the federal deficit, House members plan to privatize the nation's most profitable rail system.
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Who wins in the mobile payment battle?

John Moe, host of Marketplace Tech Report, looks at Google's newest tool, the mobile payment plan Google and who will benefit from the service.

Serbia's European Union future after Mladic's arrest

Serbia is counting on the capture of fugitive Ratko Mladic as the ticket to join the European Union. The capture of Mladic, along with other preconditions, had prevented Serbia from joining the 27-state collective.

High gas prices will not affect holiday travel

Memorial Day motorists will be hitting the road to enjoy the long weekend despite some of the high gas prices in recent months.
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Japanese consumers paying more for stuff, and that's a good thing?

Japan's consumer prices rose for the first time in over two years in April, due in part to natural disasters and increased fuel prices. But economists say there are some benefits to the news.

Panasonic reaps benefits of mass transit tax credit

By relocating closer to mass transit, the company will be able to stand by its green values, as well as enjoy $100 million worth of tax credit.
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Success on the court doesn't help 'Brand LeBron' outside the arena

LeBron James continues to build back his image -- and marketability -- after publicly dumping the Cleveland Cavaliers. But winning always helps.
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New Jersey to exit regional greenhouse gas program

Republican Governor Chris Christie calls a 10-state regional greenhouse gas reduction program a failure and says New Jersey will pull out by year's end.

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