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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday May 16, 2014

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Some of the country's biggest insurers are getting together to open the black box on healthcare pricing. In 2015, they'll launch an online portal that will give consumers price and quality info on medical services. The idea is to promote comparison shopping. We look at how it will work, and whether pricing info actually has anything to do with price. Plus, after a steady rise since February, gas prices are leveling off. But It's the time of year when gas usually gets more expensive. What influences the price at the pump, and what can we expect to see in the summer months?

PODCAST: Some (temporary) relief at the pump

Gas prices are leveling off. A new rail line in London. TV's upfronts.

When it comes to benefits, the poorest get less

A new study finds a pattern as to the poorest are receiving fewer benefits.

Health insurers pull back the curtain on pricing

If consumers decide to avoid excessively costly procedures, that helps insurers.
Posted In: ACA, health insurance

Gas prices seem to be falling (for now)

Gas prices are finally leveling off. What influences the price at the pump?

Archaeology and business in London's 'Big Dig'

A new rail line being built in London is Europe's biggest construction project.
Posted In: London

Marketplace heads to London

Check out what's ahead in our report from across the Atlantic.
Posted In: London

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