Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, March 15, 2013

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has just announced that it wants to supervise some of the largest players in the $1 trillion student loan industry. European finance ministers are meeting in Brussels today, and at the top of their agenda is the small Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus. And New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has tried to re-make a lot of the city over the last 11 years. But as he wraps up his third term, he's got his eye on an extreme makeover of one of Manhattan's most important business districts.

PODCAST: Whale watch, medical match

Washington goes 'Whale' watching. Will President Obama's second term have a greener tint? And a generation of medical school students learn how to huddle.

JPMorgan ignored risk warnings, misled investors: Report

Senate investigators are holding a hearing today on JPMorgan’s estimated $6.3 billion losses connected to a London trader known as the 'Whale.' New evidence from internal emails and phone calls suggests the blame may lie with even bigger fish in company.
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U.S. factories kick into a higher gear

U.S. industrial production rose 0.7 percent last month. The growth, the greatest in three months, was led by strong manufacturing output.
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Facade Lift: Midtown Manhattan may get extreme makeover

New York's mayor wants to give a facelift to the area of Midtown Manhattan that surrounds the venerable Grand Central Station. The city says it is needed to remain a globally competitive business district.
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U.S. seeks to increase oversight of student loan servicers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to institute rules for certain non-bank loan servicers. What’s the likely result of the rules for borrowers and the industry?
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Samsung Galaxy S4 leads the Android pack, challenges Apple

Samsung unveiled its new smartphone, the Galaxy S4, last night in New York. The phones will start shipping at the end of April and have a slew of new features, including one that is raising some eyebrows, literally.
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In Cyprus bailout, what's Russia got to do with it?

European finance ministers are meeting in Brussels today, and at the top of their agenda is Cyprus. The small Mediterranean island nation, which has 850,000 people, is in desperate need of a bailout.
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Will Obama's second term have a greener tint?

President Obama highlights his energy policy at an event in Illinois today. What’s that policy, and will it get more attention in the second term than it did in the first?
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Better, stronger, faster: How close are we to becoming cyborgs?

Science fiction loves the merger of the human body and machine. In mid-March 2013, what's the status of the merger? Will Oremus, a writer for Slate who has been working on a series about using tech to build better people, joins Marketplace Tech host David Brancaccio to explain how far we've come and where we are headed.
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Netflix offers $100,000 prize in cloud competition

Netflix is waving around $100,000 dollars in prize money for people with the best ideas to tune up and improve Netflix's data cloud. Netflix cloud systems director of architecture Alex Cockcroft joins Marketplace Tech host David Brancaccio to talk through the challenges of managing the company's remote data.
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Google cancels Reader, sets eyes on overtaking the web

Is Google Reader's death sentence a sign that Google isn't that interested in what we call the World Wide Web? Instead, does Google, like Facebook, want to be the web.
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From 'god-like' to team huddle: Training doctors for a new health care future

At medical schools across the country, more than 30,000 aspiring doctors are meeting their matches and finding out where they will spend the next several years as residents.
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