Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, March 14, 2014

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We take stock of the privatization of U.S. space ambitions, and the business opportunity this presents entrepreneurs. Plus, as states that have adopted the Common Core curriculum have chosen one of two new assessments to test the skills students will be required to learn, we examine how important is it that testing goes well. Also, last month’s farm bill promised to cut 8.6 billion dollars out of SNAP – formerly known as food stamps -- over the next decade by restricting a practice known as “heat and eat." Now at least six states are getting around SNAP cuts by tweaking their “heat and eat” programs. Last of all, a look at the takeover of The Corcoran Gallery of Art, DC’s oldest private art museum, and its art college by the National Gallery of Art and George Washington University.  

BP signs deal to get back in the game

By signing a new deal with the EPA, BP agrees to more oversight
Posted In: BP, Oil, land, Environment

The Corcoran Gallery is philanthropy's latest failure

Can we trust the rich to fund our nation's cultural assets?
Posted In: art, culture, philanthropy, wealth, media, washington dc

Four ways to make money in space

NASA is increasingly reliant on contractors to get goods to and from space.
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PODCAST: Is BP back?

Beginning next week, BP will be allowed to bid on leases to drill for oil on government land.
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Common Core tests get a trial run

Millions of students will take tests aligned with the new Common Core education standards.
Posted In: common core

States change rules to avoid SNAP cuts

The Farm Bill tried to cut about $8 billion from the food stamps program.
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