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The dreaded sequester is finally here, and the Pentagon is facing a $50 billion budget cut. What does that mean for places that depend on defense spending? It's worth noting that this isn't the first sequester in U.S. history. If you ask people who were involved in sequesters-past, you'll find the bureaucratic challenges involved in carving up the budget can be tricky to deal with. And chef Tom Colicchio joins us to discuss his new documentary about hunger in America, A Place at the Table.

PODCAST: Sequester bright side, Groupon CEO tossed aside

The good and the bad of the sequester. Groupon's founder and CEO is not the first to get ousted from his own company. And India looks to set up a women only bank.

Sequester: The good and the bad

The now-infamous sequestration -- the $85 billion in automatic federal spending cuts -- kicks in today. We take a look at the bad and the good that might come out of the process.
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Sequester: Federal R&D to suffer long-term effects

The sequester may have immediate impacts on federal workers, the unemployed, and federal aviation personnel -- but what will be its long-term effects?
Posted In: sequester, Science, Tech

Telepathic rats communicate via computer

A lab at Duke University has taken us one step closer to mind-melding, using rats.
Posted In: Science, neuroscience, biotech

Six strikes, then what? A look into the new Copyright Alert System

What happens when you reach 'strike six' of the new Copyright Alert System, a program launched by several Internet service providers to curb online piracy?
Posted In: Internet, piracy, Tech

India Finance Minister to set up women only bank

India's finance minister has announced plans to set up the country's first ever women only bank. P Chidambaram says he hopes that it will be granted a license by October.
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Groupon: Not even the founder and CEO's job is safe

Groupon's board of directors fired company's founder and CEO, Andrew Mason, yesterday. But Mason is not the first founder and CEO to get the axe.
Posted In: groupon, ceo, Retail, apple, Yahoo

Defense industry to largely shake off first

The long-term nature of defense contracts shields the industry from short-term sequester disruptions in areas of the country that depend on military spending, such as St. Louis.
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Sequester: Sixth time's the charm?

It’s not the first time Washington has cut budgets across the board. But even when sequesters were much smaller, they were a nightmare to carry out.
Posted In: sequester, Alan Simpson, budget cuts

Top Chef's Tom Colicchio on hunger in America

'Top Chef' judge Tom Colicchio has a new title this week. He is one of the executive producers of a new film on hunger in America called 'A Place at the Table'.
Posted In: Food, hunger, documentary

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