Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, June 5, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, June 5, 2009

What job losses say about the market

The pace of job losses slowed down in May to the the fewest since September. What does that improvement say about the market? Bill Radke talks to economist Peter Morici from the University of Maryland.
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Job market signs are getting happier

What should we be thinking right now about the American job market? Are we getting happy, or still sad? Steve Chiotakis gets an analysis from Bill Stone of PNC Wealth Management in Philadelphia.
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Public-private bank loan sale on hold

Recently, the government was going to help banks unload some of their risky loans. But lately, the banks have been able to raise their own money, so the FDIC has postponed the public-private sale of a billion dollars of loans. Amy Scott reports.
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The fate of comics after newspapers

The convenience of the Web is threatening the potential for full-time newspaper strip comic artists to make a living. John Rabe explores what may be a potential threat to comic artists' careers and what they're doing to stay afloat.

Obama proposes Great Lakes clean-up

Years of wetland destruction have taken a toll on the Great Lakes. But President Obama has proposed spending about half a billion dollars on the clean-up. Sam Eaton reports the challenge will be to spend that money wisely.

Why Rio Tinto turned down Chinalco

Metals company Chinalco would have gotten a whopping 9 percent of $19.5 billion and two board seats in mining giant Rio Tinto. Scott Tong reports why Rio is not as desperate any more to make a deal.
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Job losses for people of all skill levels

Typically, recessions hit less well-educated workers harder than people with higher degrees. Not this time around. Mitchell Hartman reports recession is broad-based and it's hitting all workers on all levels.
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Detroit puts its hopes in the air

When Delta Airlines merged with Northwest earlier this year, it made Detroit the second-largest hub for the world's largest airline. And that can help put the city on the map away from its struggling auto industry. Sarah Hulett reports.
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Who got hurt in new Rio Tinto deal

Miner Rio Tinto scrapped its near $20 billion deal today with China's Chinalco and set up a joint production venture with rival BHP Billiton instead. Steve Chiotakis discusses the move with Marketplace's Stephen Beard.

Nuts and bolts of the Chrysler plan

Chrysler's bankruptcy plan is in appeals court today in a hearing that could be the last hurdle before the automaker is sold to Fiat. Tamara Keith explores the plan to put the best parts of Chrysler in a new company.
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