Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, June 4, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, June 4, 2010

VIDEO: Where's Bill???

This week: Bill Radke explains why he's not in the loop.

Study: Financial incentive pushes doctors to prescribe chemo

A new breast cancer study finds a link between the way private oncologists get paid and how much chemotherapy they prescribe.
Posted In: Health

Gillette, Schick go blade-to-blade

The Gillette's latest razor is finally hitting store shelves after months of hype, and the skirmish pits the consumer products behemoth against Schick, a smaller but still formidable challenger.

Economy adds 431,000 new jobs in May

The Labor Department says the U.S. produced 431,000 jobs in May, a jobless rate drop of 9.7% over 9.9% in April.
Posted In: Jobs

Is shallow Gulf oil drilling safer?

In the wake of the BP leak, the U.S. will soon order shallow water rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to temporarily shut down. Is shallow drilling safer?
Posted In: Oil

Google admits it was wrong to collect WiFi data

Google has begun handing over personal and commercial data collected during its street view service in European countries, which may have included bank account numbers.
Posted In: Crime, Internet

Markets cheer Kan's election

New Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan inherits what many call a "lost economy. So far, the markets seem to think he can turn it around.
Posted In: Investing, Wall Street

Wal-Mart offers degree program to workers

Employees of the retail giant can work towards an associate or bachelor's degree at American Public University, an online school.
Posted In: Education, Retail

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