Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, June 21, 2013

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Today is the first day of summer and that gets some retailers nervous. Shoppers are scarce in the season, so stores are rolling out the sales. In Los Angeles, the grocery store Ralphs is expected to close its doors forever. The store, which is in a low-income neighborhood, has some residents criticizing a disturbing pattern. And how will China's credit crunch be felt abroad?

Flying high with gadgets, coming soon?

The FAA is looking into allowing electronic devices to stay on during entire flights.
Posted In: FAA, airline industry, iPad

Train safety, data, and measuring the value of a life

Which is more important: updating train safety mechanisms or improving rail infrastructure?
Posted In: train, infrastructure, Transportation

PODCAST: The 30 million person crack in health care reform

City mayors question the nation's immigration policy. A look at the 30 million people who will still be uninsured after the Affordable Care Act takes effect. And the threat of piracy grows off the coast of West Africa.

When insurance is too expensive no matter what

Federal subsidies will make it easier for millions of Americans to buy health coverage, but millions still won't be able to afford it.
Posted In: health care, Affordable Care Act, medicaid, health insurance

MakerBot and Stratasys: 3D plus 3D equals what?

Industrial 3D printer maker Stratasys just bought a hot name in the 3D printing consumer market: MakerBot.
Posted In: 3D printing, Makerbot, mergers

At Instagram video launch, Zuckerberg doesn't make the pitch

Facebook is adding videos to its photo-sharing app Instagram. It's the company's answer to Twitter's Vine app.
Posted In: instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Mark Zuckerberg

Piracy threat grows in Nigeria, West Africa

A new report out this week shows that while pirate attacks off the Somali coast have plummeted, there's a growing threat on the other side of the continent.
Posted In: piracy, Africa, Nigeria, Somalia

City mayors back immigration reform

The U.S. Conference of Mayors’ supports immigration reform as a way to reduce city expenses and grow local economies.
Posted In: Immigration, Laredo, mayors, cities

Why China's credit crunch is our problem

China is feeling a credit crunch, after China’s central bank froze lending between China's financial institutions this week.
Posted In: China, credit

First day of summer means fun and sun...and shopping?

Retailers create one more excuse for a holiday sale.
Posted In: Retail, sales, summer

Critics accuse Ralphs of creating 'food apartheid'

Critics say Ralphs fobs off lower-quality products on low-income neighborhoods, but Ralphs says it varies what's on sale based on what customers buy.
Posted In: Ralphs, food desert, food and drink, Food, grocery stores

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