Marketplace Morning Report for Friday June 20, 2014

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The Brookings Institution is out with a new report today on foreign-owned businesses in the U.S. We take a look at this snapshot of foreign direct investment – what sort of jobs it represents, and where. Plus, Detroit is getting ready to take a major step toward a new hybrid pension plan aimed at getting the city through bankruptcy. Plenty are watching, including the California state pension system Calpers, which is worried about the precedent Detroit’s changes might set. Also, an unusual program in New York has the unlikely combination of students from tough backgrounds and the watches that wrap the wrists of billionaires and celebrities. Marketplace's Mark Garrison reports from New York in an attempt to save a threatened profession and better the lives of some at-risk young people. Then, there's a new trend taking hold in corporate governance circles...It's called a "benefit corporation." This new class of company lets firms declare that some higher social purpose is as important as profits. The idea has only been around for a few years but a growing number of states now offer it. We investigate.

GE Capital ordered to pay quarter of a billion dollars

More on the largest discrimination-based credit card settlement in US History
Posted In: Credit card, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

PODCAST: Why Russia is allegedly anti-fracking

Russia allegedly funds anti-fracking, Detroit's new pensions, and b-corporations

B-corporations can put social purpose over profits

Minnesota is the latest state to offer businesses b-corporation status
Posted In: bank, patagonia, banking

Watchmaking revived by at-risk youth

An unusual program combines students from tough backgrounds and expensive watches
Posted In: watches, job training

Detroit's revamped pension plan may set new precedents

Why the California state pension system cares about Detroit's bankruptcy.
Posted In: pensions, Detroit bankruptcy, Detroit

Central bankers clear the way for stock gains

Despite geopolitical risks, stock markets around the world keep on going up.
Posted In: stock

Foreign investors may be behind your paycheck

Foreign-owned U.S. businesses employ 5.6 million American workers.
Posted In: Jobs, FDI

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