Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, June 14, 2013

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Voters in Iran go to the polls today to pick a new president -- what does it mean for their economy? The Airbus A350 jumbo jet makes its maiden flight today. It’s Airbus’ answer to rival Boeing’s ill-fated 787 Dreamliner, which broke ground on aerodynamics and fuel efficiency four years ago. And we take a look at the 'Moneyball' economy.

The iPhone gets an office, a Microsoft Office

Microsoft is finally delivering a mobile version of it's Office software to the iPhone today. So what took them so long?
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Global stock markets shed trillions in value since May

Markets thy name is volatility. Over the past month, how much value has been lost on stock markets around the world?
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PODCAST: Maybe they're just too demanding...when markets cry

Is market volatility all a misunderstanding. Latinos in California feel pretty good about health care reform. And how do Mother's Day and Father's Day compare when it comes to spending on gifts?

Why markets are so volatile right now

Part of what’s moving traders is uncertainty about the Fed’s next moves. But a number of key factors around the world have investors bracing for more sharp peaks and deep valleys.
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A real life 'quantum leap'

Chinese scientists say they have bounced single photons of an orbiting satellite and detected them back on on the Earth's surface. Next step, quantum teleportation.
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Google warns of Iranian government spy campaign

Google says it has found evidence the Iranian government is spying on its citizens. The tech giant suspects the Iranian government is trying to head off any political unrest by looking at citizens' email correspondence.
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Latinos more in favor of health care reform: Poll

Nationwide, skepticism over the Affordable Care Act is persistent. But according to a poll conducted by the Spanish language broadcaster Univision, Latinos in California have a much more positive take new health care law.
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Airbus A350 learns lessons from 787 struggles

The launch of the A350 comes months after Boeing's Dreamliner, and proves the benefits of going second when it comes to innovative technology.
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Economy takes center stage in Iran election

Iran’s economy is likely to be a major election issue, as the country faces crippling international sanctions, 30 percent unemployment, and soaring inflation.
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How putting a price on something can change everything

Why do Major League Baseball games take so long to play these days? Because the Oakland A's found that the best way to produce runs is to draw a lot of walks. So baseball became a game of hitters waiting out pitchers.
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NSA news has some Americans changing their tech habits

Revelations about NSA collection of phone and online data has caused some Americans to change their habits. An example? A jump in the use of search engines that promise more privacy.
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Will the Fed begin phasing out its economic stimulus program?

At its two-day meeting next week, the Federal Reserve Board may indicate whether it will begin 'tapering' its quantitative easing program.
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