Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, July 12, 2013

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China and America discuss investing in each other's countries. The U.S.-Canada line is the longest international border in the world, but the American security budget for it is a sliver of the billions it spends along the southern border. And in France on Bastille Day this Sunday, what's there to celebrate?

India taps out last telegram

On Sunday, India's last official telegram will be sent from state owned telecom company BSNL, cutting the cord of an old technology that was the fastest way to communicate before landlines, mobile phones and email.
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China and America play nice, discuss foreign direct investment deal

Cybersecurity and Edward Snowden received most of the attention at high-level U.S.-China talks this week. Also high on the agenda? Foreign direct investment.

Government working with tech companies to find Chinese hackers

U.S. officials gave American Internet providers information on suspected cyber spies in China as part of a secret program to defend against cyberespionage.
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PODCAST: UPS on the downs, border patrol up north

UPS profits: Alarming news comes next day air. Lawmakers look to shore up America's northern border. And states' refusal to expand Medicaid complicates health care for many uninsured.

UPS profits: Alarming news comes next day air

UPS is out this morning with a warning that its profits will be lower than expected. What does that signal for the rest of the economy?
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Edward Snowden's asylum hopes a hopscotch of connections

Edward Snowden is believed to be holed up at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow, but he may be trying to figure out a way to get to Latin America, where he has been offered asylum by three countries.
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Sharknado 2? More like Snakes on a Plane

Syfy's 'Sharknado' made a splash on Twitter Thursday night, even actress Mia Farrow joined in. But when looking at the numbers the day after, the social media attention wasn't reflected in TV viewership.
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States' refusal to expand Medicaid complicates health care for many uninsured

21 states have refused to expand Medicaid as provided under the health care reform law.
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Microsoft reorganization is all about unity

Some say at its heart, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's plan is meant to unify a company that has been more of a group of tech fiefdoms.
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The end of Google Reader, the end of an era

We've said it before but this time, it's for real. Google's RSS feed Google Reader will be cutting off users from retrieving their RSS data on Monday.
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Is it a car, is it a bike? Yes, and it's the 'future of transportation'

The gyroscope-balanced C-1 two-wheeler, made by San Francisco startup Lit Motors, is purposefully small and designed to change the rules of the road in cites.
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On Bastille Day, what's to celebrate?

The French Revolution -- and much of the France we know today -- was born at a time of economic crisis and famine.
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Rising interest rates impacts banks

As Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase kick off bank earnings season, it's a chance to see the effect rising interest rates are having on our nation's banks.
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Lawmakers look to America's northern border

The U.S. border with Mexico may get all the attention, but the Senate's examining security issues along our border with Canada.
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