Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, January 18, 2013

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After years of aggressively denying he had used performance enhancing drugs, disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong confessed to Oprah Winfrey in a televised interview Thursday night that he was indeed guilty of doping for years. The ordeal has been a disaster for Armstrong -- but for Winfrey's struggling OWN cable network, it's a different story. The Greek Parliament is launching a criminal investigation into the country's former finance minister, George Papaconstantinou. He's been accused of tampering with a list of suspected tax evaders. And, mayors from cities all over the U.S. are meeting in Washington this week. One big item on their agenda is gun violence, as mayors have become one of the biggest lobbying forces in favor of new gun laws.

PODCAST: Oprah cashes in on Lance's confession, 7-11 tries to retake Manhattan

Oprah Winfrey hopes Armstrong's doping confession will boost her cable network. 7-11 wants to expand in Manhattan. Yelp plans to add health scores to restaurant ratings.
Posted In: Oprah Winfrey, Yelp

Scary Chinese growth numbers may be turning around

Figures released today show that China's economic growth hit a 13-year low in 2012, but strong results at the end of 2012 mean this year things are looking up.
Posted In: China's Economy

New public transport idea for Austin, Texas has high hopes

In Austin, Texas, a new idea aims to give the city's public transit system a lift -- in the form of gondolas.
Posted In: public transportation

China's economic growth drops to 13-year low

The world's fastest growing economy just posted it's worst growth figures in over a decade. Is it time to be concerned?
Posted In: China, China's Economy, GDP, Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Greek Parliament investigates former finance minister over 'tax list'

George Papaconstantinou is under investigation over allegations he removed the names of his family members from a list of Greek tax evaders.
Posted In: Greece, Europe debt crisis

Will Armstrong interview enhance Oprah network's performance?

Lance Armstrong's tell-all doping confession could help Oprah Winfrey's struggling cable network, OWN.
Posted In: Oprah Winfrey, lance armstrong, television

The rise, fall and redemption of GE Capital

GE reports earnings today and analysts will look closely at the performance of its finance arm
Posted In: General Electric

7-Eleven tries to retake Manhattan

After pulling up stakes in New York years ago, 7-Eleven has returned and is making Manhattan its top priority for rapid expansion
Posted In: 7-Eleven, fast food

Nation's mayors press for new gun laws on Capitol Hill

Mayors Against Illegal Guns has 800 members. They want gun laws that restrict the flow of illegal guns to criminals.
Posted In: gun control, Michael Bloomberg

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