Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, January 11, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, January 11, 2008

The dark side of chocolate

Some 200,000 children work in cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast. Gretchen Wilson reports on a group of U.S. lawmakers visiting that country to find ways to wean the industry off child labor.

A bailout for Countrywide

Bank of America has agreed to buy Countrywide, sparing the nation's largest mortgage lender from bankruptcy. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports that the deal should spare customers from the disruptions of the bankruptcy process.
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Europe's modified-food fears continue

Today was the World Trade Organization's deadline for Europe to lighten up its rules on importing genetically-modified foods. But many Europeans are against what they call "Frankenfoods." Kyle James has more.

No winners in loss of awards ceremony

A stripped-down press conference will air this Sunday in lieu of the usual Golden Globes ceremony. Doug Krizner talks to Variety's Mike Speier about the wider effects of having no ceremony -- and whether we'll see this happen to the Oscars.
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ECB could raise interest rates

The European Central Bank says it won't hesitate to raise interest rates in response to higher wages. Megan Williams reports the bank is more concerned with inflation than it is about slack growth.
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Human trafficking is a global problem

Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness day, and the practice is the fastest-growning criminal industry in the world, with a U.N.-projected worth of about $32 billion. Janet Babin reports signs of modern-day slavery.

Fewer seats to choose from

Big airlines are planning to make fewer seats available this year to cover higher fuel costs and increase profits. Steve Tripoli reports dropping seats doesn't necessarily mean carriers are dropping the price of fares.
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Allstate tackles field in NOLA

If you watched the big college football game between LSU and Ohio State this week, you probably noticed an Allstate logo at some point. Scott Jagow talks to sports commentator Diana Nyad about whether its presence was welcome.
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