Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, February 6, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, February 6, 2009

Loss leads British Airways to freeze pay

British Airways experienced a major loss the last three quarters of 2008. To cope, it is freezing staff pay. Erik Campano reports the airliner's actions could lead to more troubles for other European airlines.
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Latest job losses greater than expected

The economy lost a whopping 598,000 jobs in January, more than economists were predicting. Renita Jablonski talks to Bernard Baumohl with The Economic Outlook Group about why the holidays may have helped the spike.
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Grammys amping up to draw viewers

The Grammys haven't done so well in recent years, but the list of performers for the award ceremony this year shows a valiant effort to win audiences back. Steve Chiotakis talks to Bill Werde from Billboard Magazine.
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Adviser used TARP in latest fraud

Investment adviser Gordon Grigg is accused of bilking clients out of millions. Some of that money came by using part of the TARP fund as a lure. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports how Grigg turned government into a marketing tool.
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China may beat U.S. in Jan. auto sales

Auto sales in China are expected to come out ahead of U.S. sales by 20 percent. This may not stay the case in the long term, but China will still be top priority for automakers worldwide. Scott Tong reports.
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Senate, House will reconcile stimulus

The Senate will vote today on a $920 billion version of the stimulus package. Once that happens, the House and Senate will work on a reconciliation between the two versions. John Dimsdale reports what may be cut first.

Costs hurt helicopter ambulance safety

The number of helicopter ambulances has doubled over a decade, but there are also many more crashes. The high cost of missions and no compensation for new safety equipment are big concerns. Jill Barshay reports.
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States low on unemployment benefits

Up to 30 states may run out of reserves for unemployment benefits in the next month. In a throwback to the early 1980's, they may soon need to borrow from the federal government. Janet Babin reports.
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Treasury loses on bailout investments

A report reviewing the bailout found taxpayers overpaid when they invested in troubled financial institutions. In contrast, private firms did very well. Dan Grech explores where the Treasury's losses varied.
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