Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, February 20, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, February 20, 2009

A safety net for the self-employed

The self-employed are traditionally left without an official safety net and are out of luck if work dries up. The Freelancers Union wants Congress to help this independent chunk of the workforce. Bob Moon reports.
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Oscars a little less lavish this year

The Academy Awards may be taking it down a notch this year in terms of spending, but the parties are still going on. Bill Radke talks to Variety's Mike Speier about where Oscar will be cutting back this year.
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Veterans' new war is a bad economy

Services for homeless veterans have improved over the last decade, but the stagnating economy and job losses have created a rise in needy vets. Steve Henn explores the issues vets may have upon return from duty.
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Saab trying to break away from GM

Saab has filed for bankruptcy protection today in Sweden. The company has also applied to cut itself loose from owner General Motors to find a buyer. Stephen Beard reports why many Swedes blame GM for the mess.
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B of A subpoenaed over Merrill bonuses

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has subpoenaed Bank of America CEO Kenneth Lewis on an investigation into whether the bank misled investors about bonuses and losses at Merrill Lynch. Janet Babin reports.
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China concerned with 'Buy American'

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton heads to Beijing, where Chinese leaders are concerned about the "Buy American" clause in the stimulus package. Steve Chiotakis talks to Marketplace's Scott Tong about why China and the U.S. are both worried.

Debt is a target on U.S. military radar

Military personnel with outstanding legal debts are barred from overseas duty or security clearances, which keeps thousands of U.S. troops from doing their jobs. So the Pentagon is tackling the problem. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

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