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Ford CEO Alan Mulally discusses the driving forces behind his company's turnaround and what makes Michigan unique. From Detroit to down South, where reality TV producers are mining the stories of rural folks. Food companies grapple with higher ingredient costs. Rising gas prices are likely to eat all of the payroll tax break. Britain and France are set to sign a nuclear energy deal. And hidden taxpayer costs in the mortgage settlement are emerging.

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Rising gas prices offset payroll tax savings

Consumer savings from the payroll tax cut, which lawmakers just voted to extend for another year, were erased by higher gasoline prices. The same scenario is likely this year.
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Food giants feel the heat

High commodity prices put big food producers in a tough spot.
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Ford CEO Alan Mulally on the auto industry's progress

The president of Ford Motor Co. credits good investments as a reason for the company's ability to stay afloat during the recession.
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Reality TV heads to the South

Reality TV is cheap to make and there's a whole lot of it out there. These days, producers are finding characters in the backwoods of Louisiana.
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Britain, France to sign nuclear energy deal

The two European nations are set to strike a deal that will pave the way for new nuclear power plants in the U.K. But why now?
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As Houston’s song plays, Dolly Parton benefits

Whitney Houston's music has been all over radio and TV following her death. But her estate only profits when someone actually goes to iTunes or Amazon or a record store and physically buys her albums.
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What the spectrum auction means for you and me

Wireless companies may soon be able to buy more airwaves under a spectrum auction that will help pay for the payroll tax cut extension and other jobless benefits. What's the idea behind the auction?
Posted In: spectrum, wireless, smartphones

Is our economic rebound for real?

Economic data indicate our economy is warming up. But how might Europe's problems affect America's recovery?
Posted In: Economy, Europe debt crisis

The mortgage settlement may cost taxpayers

A report says U.S. taxpayers may end up on the losing side of the multi-billion-dollar housing settlement between banks and states. Former TARP Inspector General Neil Barofsky explains how we may be bailing out big banks again.
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PODCAST: Taxpayers lose on mortgage settlement, Ford's turnaround

What's the driving force behind Ford's turnaround? CEO Alan Mulally discusses from Detroit. Down South, reality TV is looking for new voices in the backwoods. Prices are rising -- for both food ingredients and gas. Britain and France are set to sign a nuclear energy deal. Whitney Houston's estate isn't making much money from all those "I Will Always Love You" plays. We explain why. Plus, what does the spectrum auction mean? And are taxpayers bailing out the banks again?

Why 'The Simpsons' has been so successful

The longest-scripted show in TV history will air its 500th episode. Author John Ortved discusses how much "The Simpsons" is worth and the international market for the show.
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Mid-day Extra: More from Ford's CEO

Listen to an extended conversation with Ford CEO Alan Mulally, where he discusses whether consumers will want larger or smaller cars 20 years from now and the importance of emerging markets like China to the carmaker.
Posted In: Ford, Alan Mullaly

Michigan town takes school zone sign to the next level

In suburban Detroit, there's a speed limit sign telling drivers to slow down to 25 mph on school days -- but it's a little different than the signs you might be used to seeing in your neighborhood.
Posted In: School, Michigan

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