Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, February 14, 2014

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“Operational efficiencies” is often just another way of saying job cuts.  So how many of those are we looking at with this merger?  Later, President Obama makes his first visit to the Central Valley of California, to talk about the state’s drought emergency. What a president can do about making it rain. And finally, It’s that time again - Valentine’s Day… Whether you’re single, married or wooing, chocolate is a must on this day.  But brace yourself before you hit the stores for that last-minute chocolaty gift...the sweet stuff is a little richer this year. The price of chocolates has been rising and doesn’t look like it’s going down anytime soon. Finally, African American buying power may be rising – but do rosy projections of buying power translate into growing economic, social or political power? 

Hospitals are sharing data to save lives

Sharing data and best practices have caused dramatic savings
Posted In: health care, Health, hospitals, big data, data

Eddie Bauer suits Jos. A. Bank just fine

Jos. A. Bank wants to keep another suitor away.
Posted In: clothing, menswear, Men's Wearhouse, acquisitions

PODCAST: How to make it rain (cash) in California

President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit the agriculturally-rich city of Fresno, Calif. to address the state's drought.
Posted In: drought, Barack Obama

President Obama could make it rain in California

California's thirst for water may be quenched by federal relief
Posted In: california, drought, California drought 2014, Barack Obama

Why the Comcast-Time Warner deal would mean layoffs

Comcast says a merger with Time Warner Cable will create about $1.5 billion in "operating efficiencies." Translation: layoffs are coming.
Posted In: Comcast, Time Warner Cable

You said you wanted your chocolate to be rich ...

Why the price of everyone's favorite Valentine's Day gift is on the rise.
Posted In: Valentine's Day, chocolate

What buying power buys African-Americans

Not everyone agrees buying power translates into other uses
Posted In: black buying power, African American, advertising, marketing

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