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This morning, the Labor Department is set to deliver its all important monthly jobs report. Economists expect roughly 155,000 jobs were created in the U.S. in January, and that the unemployment rate will stay at 7.8 percent. Later on today, at the White House, energy pioneer John Goodenough, a physicist, will receive the National Medal of Science. Goodenough helped develop the lithium ion battery that is used in cars, phones, and Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner. He discusses why the Dreamliner batteries have had so many problems. And, the Dow is off to its strongest start since 1994, up six percent in January. Some economists think this is because individual investors have returned to the market.

PODCAST: The White House weighs in on jobs and a look at Super Bowl ad flops

The White House weighs in on new jobs numbers out today and a look at the greatest flops of Super Bowl ads.
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U.S. creates 157,000 jobs in January

In its jobs report for the month of January, the Labor Department made major revisions to its numbers for the months of November and December, revealing even stronger job growth at the end of the year than previously thought.
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Super Bowl ad flops

Even if you don't actually watch the Super Bowl game, everyone watches the Super Bowl ads. And that means big opportunity for T.V. advertisers: a memorable Super Bowl commercial can either make -- or break -- a brand.
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Mixed jobs numbers mean slow, but steady, growth

A report out today revealed that 157,000 jobs were created in January, but the unemployment rate actually rose to 7.9 percent. Take the average of the two, and it looks like more of the same: slow, but steady, growth.
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In Spain, corruption and austerity don't mix

A bribery scandal in Spain is threatening the government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy at a time of austerity and high unemployment.
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With stocks up, is the individual investor back?

The Dow jumped almost 6 percent in January -- its best start to the year since 1994. Does this mean the individual investor has returned to the stock market?
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Will jobs numbers follow GDP to show slower economy?

January unemployment numbers will help economists figure out which direction the economy is headed.
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Why are the Dreamliner's batteries malfunctioning?

Big battery packs are a balancing challenge -- if the cells work unevenly, one can overheat and burst into flames.
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Netflix's 'House of Cards' seeks to redefine television

With its first original series starring Kevin Spacey, the online streaming service is trying to shake up the traditional television model.
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New Orleans residents: You know you're wealthy when...

In the third installment of Marketplace's "You Know You're Wealthy When" series, we traveled to New Orleans to ask residents of "The Big Easy" what being wealthy means to them.
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