Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, December 26, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, December 26, 2008

Retailers expect more holiday returns

The gifts are out of the boxes, and some of them will inevitably be on their way back to the mall. And retailers are preparing to see an increase in returned merchandise this year. Andrea Gardner reports.
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How indie movies happen

There's a big market for indie films, but funding for the flicks is becoming increasingly difficult. Steve Chiotakis talks to Variety's Michael Speier about the process of making an indie movie and why it's struggling.
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The shoe bought 'round the world

Shoe cobbler Ramazan Baydan has had plenty of business, thanks to his claim to the infamous shoe thrown by an Iraqi journalist at President Bush. Daniel Estrin reports on the success of the "Bye Bye Bush" shoe.
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Online movies combat Chinese bootlegs

Web users in China will soon be able to download movies online for a small fee. In order to compete with bootlegs, films will run for about 60 cents per download. Scott Tong reports on the move to combat piracy.
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Shoppers just weren't inspired this year

Another reason sited for lack of consumer participation in this year's holiday shopping season: no new technological innovations. Jill Barshay also reports where shoppers' recipient lists dwindled.
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Slight rise in oil, but it could still fall

Oil rose moderately on the United Arab Emirates' announcement of a production cut. This could indicate OPEC still has influence over the market, but some analysts still see a downward trend. Stephen Beard reports.
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Whatever it takes to move inventory

As retailers try to salvage dismal holiday sales, some are placing discount on top of discount in order to get products off the shelves. Rico Gagliano analyzes the big picture from a snowboard shop.
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High-end alcohol sales drying up

It's been a particularly dry time for top-shelf alcohol as premium beer and fine wine are selling comparatively lower to last year. But low-price, supermarket liquor purchases are up. Jean-Luc Renault reports.
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Czech leader may be difficult for E.U.

As the Czech Republic takes its turn heading the E.U., many are critical of Czech President Vaclav Klaus, a leader many consider difficult. Stephen Beard reports what some people fear with Vaclav in power.

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