Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, December 23, 2011

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Some economists say the government should take advantage of record low interest rates and borrow the money to pay for extending tax cuts and unemployment benefits. You heard right: more government borrowing. Just how will the payroll tax extension be paid for? Plus, a new poll says France is the world's most pessimistic country when it comes to economic outlook. And we take a look at Ron Paul's economic philosophy.

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Multi-generational housing: The mother-in-law's included

Home builder tries a new inter-generational floor plan – with locking interior doors.
Posted In: Housing

Federal borrowing virtually free now

Some economists advocate borrowing the money to pay for extending tax cuts and unemployment benefits.
Posted In: interest rates

BP quits solar industry amid supply glut

Oil giant goes "Beyond Petroleum," but goes short on solar power.
Posted In: BP, solar

What sets Ron Paul's economic philosophy apart?

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul has stood out from other candidates for his throwback economic philosophy. But would his ideas work now?
Posted In: Ron Paul, 2012 election

Why is there record pessimism in France?

A new poll finds the French are as pessimistic about the economy as any country has been since 1978.
Posted In: France, Europe debt crisis

VW gives staff a rest from BlackBerry emails outside work hours

The German car giant is switching off its email server half an hour after the end of the work day.
Posted In: Volkswagen, Germany

How will the payroll tax cut be paid for?

The payroll tax cut is expected to be extended for another two months. How will lawmakers come up with the billions it's going to cost?
Posted In: payroll tax, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Deep holiday discounts persist

Retailers are sweetening their offers in the final days before Christmas, which could hurt their bottom lines.
Posted In: holiday shopping, Retail

Is payroll tax extension a win for consumers?

The payroll tax cut extension amounts to an extra $1,000 in the average workers' pocket for 2012. What does it mean for the economy?
Posted In: payroll tax

Lessons learned from Washington's down-to-the-wire deadlines

What have Wall Street economists learned from watching Washington lawmakers duke it out over things like extending the payroll tax cuts?
Posted In: Wall Street, Washington, payroll tax

PODCAST: Who gets the big holiday tips, impact of the payroll tax cut extension

Congress has passed the payroll tax cut extension. We take a look at what the means for consumers. We have some numbers for you: Consumer spending grew just 0.1 percent in November, while orders for U.S. factory goods went up 3.8 percent. Plus, what is the most pessimistic country in the world? And find out which professions receive the biggest holiday tips.
Posted In: consumer spending, France, payroll tax, tips

Mid-day Extra: Does holiday music make you buy more?

Does Christmas music help you get into the holiday spirit? It may also affect your wallet.
Posted In: holiday shopping, Music

How much are people in the mood to spend?

Consumer spending eeked up just 0.1 percent in November, despite stories of strong holiday sales. What does that mean about the health of our economy?
Posted In: consumer spending

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