Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, August 6, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, August 6, 2010

VIDEO: Jobs bad, profits OK, Pringles great

When you can't rely on good job news, at least you can appreciate the fact that Pringles doesn't waste packaging.
Posted In: Jobs

Lollapalooza expected to do well, despite antitrust investigation

Lollapalooza kicks off this Friday in Chicago, and despite an investigation is expected to sell out.
Posted In: Entertainment

Economy loses 131,000 jobs; many lost in public sector

The economy lost another 131,000 jobs last month. The government's official unemployment rate stays at 9.5%.
Posted In: Jobs

Greece managing debt well, but not yet in the clear

International inspectors say Greece has been making required budget cuts and managing its debt, and now it's eligible to receive international bailout money. But it's not home free yet.

Stockpiles, U.S. farmers might pick up wheat slack

The surging price of wheat has raised fears that other grain-growing countries might begin hoarding their own supplies. But the U.S. might also be able to help with the shortage.
Posted In: Agriculture, Food

Fannie posts smallest loss in three years, requests $1.5B bailout

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae's twelfth quarterly loss in a row is smaller than others the company has suffered in the last 36 months.
Posted In: Housing

New Jersey feels Atlantic City's slump

Atlantic City, NJ isn't doing so hot these days, and the state can tell as it makes nearly $1 billion in state and local taxes from casino gaming.

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