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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday August 29, 2014

First up, more on the news that after two terrible disasters this year involving Malayasia Airlines, the government moved today to keep its national airline in business. But thousands of employees will lose their jobs. Plus, the difference between a bonus versus a raise: a raise lives on, abonus can be a one-off. A new survey suggests employers are using bonuses rather than traditional raises to compensate their workers. We ask whether this is an artifact of the recession or a trend that will persist. Also, a Chicago ad agency uses its ground-floor lobby as a gallery, with picture windows facing the street. This summer's exhibit now wrapping up: The company's interns, doing their jobs, working around a long, black table. Among the  signs in the windows one that reads "feeding the interns is permitted and appreciated," which seems less than respectful. "But they're just interns," you say.  They are also human beings, for Pete's sake.

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