Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, August 19, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, August 19, 2011

What Bank of America's layoffs say about the sector

Bank of America announced 3,500 layoffs today, with thousands more on the way. Professor Perry Mehrling of Barnard College explains why the layoffs signal tough times ahead for the banking industry.
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Bank of America plans 3,500 layoffs

Burdened with bad loans from the financial crisis of 2008, Bank of America has plans to lay off thousands of employees.
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Economic indicators not nearly as bad as 2008

Fears of recession have been blamed for the market slump this week. But household debt and other economic indicators are still much stronger than during the recession a few years ago.
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Not a recession, more like a "bad hangover"

We still aren't in an recession according to official definitions. But then what should we call it?
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Hewlett-Packard sheds PC business

One time computer giant Hewlett-Packard has been struggling in recent years. The company now is taking drastic measures by pulling out of the personal computer, tablet and mobile phone markets.

Bank of America to slash thousands of jobs

Bank of America will reportedly cut thousands of jobs in the coming months in an effort to cut costs.
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Venezuela nationalizes its gold industry

President Chavez announced that the government of Venezuela will take over gold processing and production. The decision comes in part as a result of rising gold prices.

The U.S. and Europe: Dragging each other down

It seems as though every drop in U.S. stocks is reflected in Europe, and vice versa. We go 'round the world to explore the cyclical nature of global markets.
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Bad credit could hurt your job search

Some recruiters are now choosing to check applicants' credit reports, and it could make a difference whether or not you land that job
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Houston wants to turn off red light cameras

Frustrated Houston residents want traffic light cameras to disappear. This follows L.A.'s decision last month to switch off its cameras
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The U.S. downgrade, two weeks in

The stock markets have seen turmoil, but the U.S. government's cost of borrowing has actually dropped despite Standard & Poor's downgrading of Treasury debt from AAA. S&P has suffered criticism
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