Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, April 22, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, April 22, 2011

Apple's iPhone isn't the only phone that stores your location

Julia Angwin, reporter for the Wall Street Journal, explains the logic behind Google and Apple collecting location data from your phone, and how it will change advertising.

President Obama calls for investigation into oil speculators

Jill Schlesinger, editor at large for CBS/MoneyWatch, examines oil speculation and the oil markets -- and how they impact gas prices.
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Toyota predicts slow return to normal level

Toyota said this morning factories in Japan won't be operating at full capacity for several months. And car inventories won't be back to normal until the end of 2011.
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Greeks outraged over Citi debt missive

In London, Citigroup said it did nothing wrong after Greece launched a probe into rumors about a restructuring of the country's sovereign debt.

Chinese truck drivers protest rising fuel costs

Chinese police have dispersed hundreds of picketing truck drivers in Shanghai. The demonstrators were protesting rising fuels costs and fees, as Rob Schmitz explains.
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Texas wheat farmers suffer through another drought

Many growing regions haven't had any real rain since September, and crop insurance premiums are rising.
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Jury rules against Mattel in Bratz doll case

The seven-year battle between rival toy companies over who owns Bratz dolls has finally ended. A federal jury says Mattel must pay Bratz doll-maker MGA Entertainment Inc. $88 million in damages.
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Earth Day used to be about the earth

Now, this day of environmental activism has morphed into one of corporate promotion.
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Royal wedding's expense questioned by British taxpayers

For groups that want to end the reign of British monarchs, the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton provides a big, expensive target for criticism.

The return of oyster po' boy

A year after the BP oil spill, the Gulf Coast oyster -- and the oyster po' boy -- are back. Though maybe not like you remember.
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