Marketplace Morning Report for August 23, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for August 23, 2011

Lenovo hopes to corner business market for tablets

While many tablets continue to fail when faced up against Apple, companies are still churning out new models. China-based Lenovo launches its ThinkPad today, hoping to appeal to business users.

Libyans on the ground wait anxiously for end of conflict

As the fate of Libya is still in the air, we talk to a BBC reporter on the ground. With Internet shut downs and numerous power outages occurring, Libyans are holding their breath for a resolution.

S&P chief to step down

Deven Sharma will step down as president of Standard and Poor's next month. The rating agency says his decision is unrelated to controversy swirling about the U.S. downgrade.

Stability in Libya may not lower gas prices at home

Will the end of the conflict in Libya mean lower prices at the pump? Juli Niemann explains why we might not feel the difference in our wallets any time soon.
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Libyan economy could recover faster than Iraq

The Libyan conflict may soon come to an end, and many are already comparing the country's recovery to that of Iraq. We speak with George Joffe of Cambridge University as to why those comparisons are unfair.

Obama administration cuts red-tape to save billions

The White House estimates that streamlining business regulations will save billions in the long run. But is it enough to start knocking away at unemployment?

White House says removing redundant regulations will grow jobs

The White House reveals a plan to remove business regulations -- from duplicate gas pump rules to a streamlined environmental filing system. Officials hope it will save businesses money, and eventually urge on hiring.
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Is Libya the next Iraq?

As rebels continue to fight in the capital city of Tripoli, experts wonder when oil production in the country will be back to normal.

White House to eliminate redundant regulations

The Obama administration says that it's removing hundreds of unnecessary business regulations in hopes the changes will encourage hiring and create jobs.
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Japanese PM Naoto Kan likely to resign

Prime Minister of Japan Naoto Kan will resign soon in the wake of ongoing economic woes for his country. But a tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear disaster are only partly to blame for the trouble.

Lenovo debuts computer tablet

ThinkPad will launch today to challenge Apple's iPad.

Radio ratings jumbled during Alabama tornadoes

Mother Nature's destruction earlier this year could cost radio stations millions in advertising dollars

Airline passengers protected from hidden fees and overbooked flights

New federal rules prevent long tarmac delays, give extra compensation if fliers are bumped off flights and force airlines to clearly disclose all those extra fees
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