Marketplace Morning Report for August 22, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for August 22, 2011

The role of NATO and tech in Libya's success

News arrives today that rebel forces have taken over the capital of Libya. But what role did NATO, and technology, play in their success?

Banks seek refuge from foreclosure investigations

Banks accursed of using robo-signers to foreclose homes are looking to make a deal that would give them immunity from states conducting investigations.
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Markets react to moves in Libya and at the Fed

After a tough few days last week, markets are back up this morning. Is it thanks to Libya, Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke or something else entirely?
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Libya needs stability to rebuild oil industry

Traditional rivalries in Libya could stand in the way of a unified country... and oil industry.

How fast can Libya recover?

Before the current uprising, Libya supplied about 2 percent of the world's oil, much of it going to Europe. Samuel Ciszuk, a senior energy analyst at IHS Energy, talks about how the country will be able to recover, and how fast.

Federal Reserve made billions in secret loans

Reports show that during the height of the housing crisis in the U.S., the Federal Reserve made as much as a trillion dollars off secret loans made to banks.
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

Broadband comes to the heartland... slowly.

USDA to announce help for many still dialing up.
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Good news for Libyan rebels cheers global markets

If the conflict in Libya ends, much of its oil production will eventually resume. But how much of that will really affect global prices for crude?
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Libyan economy depends on oil

Experts hope that Libya will be able to resume oil production quickly once Gaddafi falls. But what else do they have to prop up their economy?

Turkey moves forward with nuclear energy plans

After the nuclear disaster in Japan, many countries moved to phase out nuclear energy. But Turkey is holding fast to its plans to build three new plants.

End to conflict in Libya could mean lower gas prices

As the rule of Col. Muammar Gaddafi in Libya seems to near an end, the country could start producing oil again. But will it be enough to knock prices down?
Posted In: Oil

Is Capital One suddenly too big?

The former credit card company has bought several banks and now is buying ING Direct, a large and popular online bank. It will become the nation's fifth-largest depository bank
Posted In: Banks

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