Marketplace Morning Report for April 28, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for April 28, 2008

Mars-Wrigley deal is a sweet one

Candy giant Mars has struck a deal to take over chewing gum maker Wrigley's in a $23 billion deal unveiled this morning. The deal is so sweet, Warren Buffet wants to invest after the deal is over. Janet Babin reports.
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Rebate checks are coming soon

Rebate checks are going out soon, and the government wants you to spend them. Sarah Gardner finds out that many consumers have another plan -- they want to pay off debt, particularly on credit cards. Still, the stores will be tempting you.
Posted In: Taxes

Fleeing Zimbabwe means facing death

Zimbabweans fleeing poverty and starvation in their country take their lives in their hands to cross illegally into South Africa. Dangerous animals, razor wire fences and worst of all, violent gangs. Gretchen Wilson talks with survivors.

Restaurants tackle high price of rice

The price of rice is three times what it was a year ago, and that means tough choices for restaurants that serve rice. Ashley Milne-Tyte talks to restaurant owners, including one who owns four eateries named "Rice."
Posted In: Economy, Retail

Strikes at refineries push up oil prices

A two-day strike at a British oil refinery has led to the shutdown of a key North Sea pipeline, contributing to global increases in oil prices. A strike at oil facilities in Nigeria is having a similar effect. Steven Beard reports.
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Contractor fraud alleged in Iraq

A Congressional committee hears testimony today from whistle-blowers alleging double billing by a defense contractor. A Senator says waste fraud is rampant in Iraq. Steve Henn previews the hearing.

Avon calling... on the U.K.

The U.S. economic slowdown is affecting even Avon's bottom line. So the cosmetic company is assembling a door-to-door sales force throughout the U.K. Avon also enlisted actress Reese Witherspoon for an ad campaign. Bob Moon has more.
Posted In: Retail

Author calls for less 'BS' in the office

BS in the office? Noooo. Seriously though, a certain amount of BS makes workplaces function. But the author of a new book thinks there should be less of it. Scott Jagow asks Sam Culbert what he means.

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