Marketplace Morning Report for April 15, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for April 15, 2008

Study: Broken homes cost U.S. billions

Study by the Institute for American Values says people from broken homes make more use of government services, like Medicaid. Others say the money is well spent. John Dimsdale reports from Washington, D.C.
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Merged airline would be world's largest

Delta and Northwest airlines have agreed to join forces. If approved by unions, regulators and Congress, the merger would create the world's biggest airline. Jeremy Hobson looks into what this means for fares.
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British PM urges banks to cut rates

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown meets bankers today amid growing concern about credit. Brown is expected to urge bankers to lower interest rates and keep the economy from stalling. From London, Stephen Beard reports.
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Would an honor code curb tax cheats?

Commentator Dan Ariely says that for many of us, the temptation to do a little creative accounting with our taxes is too tough to pass up. He did an experiment with some MIT students and got some interesting results.
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Senate asks if drinking water's safe

A Senate hearing today follows reports that prescription drugs, such as heart medications and antidepressants, were found in the drinking water of two dozen cities. Is there a health risk? Sam Eaton reports.
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Tough times for Italians, premier says

Since Silvio Berlusconi got into Italian politics, he's been loved and hated. Loved and hated. Loved and hated. Now Berlusconi is loved again -- elected Italy's premier for a third time. Megan Williams reports from Rome.

Retailers want your rebate check

Over the next several weeks, the government is expected to mail out $100 billion in stimulus rebates. Retail stores and electronics makers are already plotting to take that money away. Jill Barshay reports.
Posted In: Retail

Pope bobbleheads, anyone?

Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Washington today, but his fame precedes him. Internet retailers are already hawking papal souvenirs. Some are more tasteful than others. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

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