Marketplace AM for September 9, 2005

Episode Description 

Looking for work in Houston

New Orleans refugees are beginning to think about resettling. Bob Moon reports from Houston, where some are pounding the pavement.

Anatomy of a disaster

Commentator Robert Guest was in Kobe, Japan when the 1995 earthquake devastated the city. He compares his experience there with what he's seen from New Orleans.

How to make the ports move

The port of New Orleans needs a few good men (and women) to get up and running. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Getting help to hurricane victims

Nearly a hundred countries have offered goods to Katrina victims, but some have gotten stuck in the supply pipeline. Scott Tong reports.

A vacuum in a hurricane

Tom Oreck talks about how is vacuum company is weathering the affects of Hurricane Katrina.

Austin takes in hurricane refugees

About 4,000 people are staying at the Convention Center in Austin, Texas. Emily Donahue reports that it's hitting some in the wallet.

Getting back to business

In Baton Rouge, dislocated businesses from New Orleans are having a heckuva time finding office space. But that doesn't mean they haven't found a place to work. Sam Eaton reports.

Looking for the green

Dan Grech is in Mississippi, where getting cash may take more than just a trpi to the ATM.

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