Marketplace AM for September 7, 2007

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Knight goes after HSBC

American activist-investor Eric Knight has launched a campaign against one of the world's biggest banks, calling for major changes. No word yet what exactly he's after, but he's got a good track record of getting what he wants. Stephen Beard reports.

Drugs, murder, politics in Guatemala

Drug-related violence has claimed the lives of 50 politicians, activists and their relatives in the months leading up to Sunday's general elections in Guatemala. Dan Grech has the story.

Student loan rates cut in half?

Congress is set to pass legislation that would increase student Pell grants and cut loan rates by about half, and President Bush says he'll sign it. Just about everyone's in favor, everyone except lenders. Jeremy Hobson explains.
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No Wide Web in rugby World Cup

The rugby World Cup kicks off in Paris today but a dispute over media rights threatens its coverage. If you want to see it you'd better find it on TV or hop on a plane and buy a ticket, Dan Grech reports.
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Falling hemlines, rising prices

Some say one sign the economy's on a downward turn might be walking the runways not far from Wall Street: Hemlines at NYC's Fashion Week are falling. But others say that just means lots of shopping and high prices this season. Jill Barshay reports.
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Global economy, oil prices part ways

They usually travel in the same general direction, but recently there've been signs that the economy's going south, while oil flirts with record highs. Oh and gas prices are probably headed back up too. Stephen Beard tells us what's going on.
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Getting the wrong kind of closure

The news keeps getting worse for many American homeowners. New data shows that the rate of home loans in foreclosure has hit a record high for the third quarter in a row. And there's no end in sight, Bob Moon reports.
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Movie downloads still on the burner

Sure you can download movies online, but right now no one's making it easy enough says Variety's Mark Speier. There just aren't enough people who think it's worth the effort, especially with the theater or DVD rental right around the corner.
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Movies on a train

Some early morning commuters have to find creative ways to fill their time on the ride. Mark Goldschmidt started watching movies on his hour-plus ride into New York City, and soon he wasn't alone...
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