Marketplace AM for September 7, 2006

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The Fed's next move

Personal finance expert Chris Farrell talks with host Scott Jagow about what the Fed should do next with interest rates.
Posted In: Economy, Investing, Wall Street, Washington

How safe is Livermore's biosafety lab?

The government plans to open a new bioterrorism detection lab in Livermore, Calif., and many nearby residents and businesses are worried. Shia Levitt reports.
Posted In: Science

IRS outsources tax collection

Tax authorities are taking a new tack today in an effort to collect back taxes: private debt collection. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
Posted In: Washington

NBC bets on football

NBC hopes to use its football telecasts to help it out of its rating slump. Janet Babin reports.
Posted In: Sports

Cost of the war

Lawmakers are expected to vote on new spending for the War on Terrorism today. So how much have we spent so far? As Hillary Wicai reports, it's not an easy question to answer.
Posted In: Washington

More troubles for Airbus

BAE, Britain's largest defense company, is selling its stake in the European plane manufacturer. It wants to make more acquisitions in the U.S.Stephen Beard reports.

Bambi broccoli? Cinderella celery?

Disney is getting involved in the push to make vegetables more attractive to kids. Marketplace's Lisa Napoli spills the beans.
Posted In: Health

India's mine safety worsens

The search is on today in India for 53 miners trapped after an explosion. Mine safety is a big problem, and India's fast-growing economy isn't helping. Miranda Kennedy reports.
Posted In: Canada

HP's sleuthing under investigation

California has launched an investigation into Hewlett-Packard's hiring of private detectives to spy on its own board members. Dan Grech reports.

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