Marketplace AM for September 27, 2005

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Something brewing in hops

The Pacific Northwest is the center of the hops cultivation in the United States. But growing competition from China has forced local farmers to look for innovative ways to cut costs and keep their edge. Austin Jenkins reports.

Rebuild what was blown away?

Should Gulf Coast localities prone to hurricane devastation be rebuilt and repopulated? Alisa Roth looks at one market mechanism that might have developers thinking twice.

What do airline pensions have to do with hurricanes?

Washington Post correspondent Jeff Birnbaum offers commentary on how every lobby group in the capital has put the words "Katrina" and "Rita" in their pitches to Congress.

Going up, going down

Some say Hurricane Rita could further squeeze gasoline supplies and cause price spikes at the pump. Other analysts predict gas prices may stabilize and fall to pre-Katrina levels. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Change to Win, what, exactly?

The founding convention of the new labor coalition Change To Win begins today. Seven unions, including the Teamsters and the SEIU, are among are the organizations that have signed on. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Ford, looking forward

Bill Ford Jr. has called for an alternative energy summit. Is the company looking at the bottom line while looking forward? Sam Eaton reports.

US Air, cleared for takeoff

US Airways emerges from bankruptcy-court protection today and will to merge with America West. Rachel Dornhelm looks at what this could mean for fliers and other airlines.

Make health care easy

2 out of 3 workers prefer having employers give them a list of health plans to choose from rather than have money placed in a special account to buy insurance on their own, according to a new study. Helen Palmer reports.

Dutch big brother

Beginning in 2007, all babies born in the Netherlands will be assigned a unique number that will be used to catalogue personal information. Ethan Lindsey reports that some fear a more ominous use.

South American oil

Delegates from 12 South American nations met this week to discuss "PetroAmerica," a possible energy alliance. Brian Ellsworth reports from Venezuela.

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