Marketplace AM for September 23, 2005

Episode Description 

Insurers and lawyers battle on the Gulf

Some insurance companies hope to entice homeowners to sign a non-litigation waiver with a lump sum payout of $3,000. Attorneys want these homeowners to save their legal rights. Dan Grech reports from Mississippi.

A look inside Airworld

Guest host Cheryl Glaser talks to Greg Lindsay, a correspondent with Advertising Age, about his journey through America's mini cities like John Wayne, Kennedy and O'Hare.

Getting the toxins out of New Orleans

Host Scott Jagow talks to Guy Crittenden about the possibility that a New Orleans Superfund site has been leeching toxic chemicals into floodwaters.

Evacuating all over again

As many as 100,000 people displaced by Katrina relocated to Houston. Now many of them are fleeing the Bayou City in advance of Hurricane Rita. Hillary Wicai catches up with one New Orleans family.

Gas price gouging?

With Rita already fueling price spikes in crude oil, higher gas prices are looming. The Federal Trade Commission may be further empowered to investigate price gouging — if it wants to. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

An exclusive forecast

Hurricanes or no, many companies rely on specific weather forecasts to help them conduct business. Rachel Dornhelm explains where they get them.

Layoffs? Mais non!

Hewlett Packard's efforts to lay off workers in France is running into a little "ray-zee-stahnce" from French officials and labor unions. Eleanor Beardsley reports.

Desperately sly TV

The season premier of ABC's smash hit "Desperate Housewives" will run past its hour time-slot on Sunday. As Andrea Gardner reports, sloppy editing is not to blame.

From high times to dry times

Drought conditions in the Midwest haven't just hurt legal crops like corn and soybeans — pot-growers are also feeling the heat. From WCPN in Cleveland, Renita Joblonski reports.

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