Marketplace AM for September 22, 2005

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Iraq lessons for Katrina

The US government came under harsh criticism for the way it doled out contracts related to the Iraq war. Will the Katrina relief and reconstruction effort be any different? Scott Tong reports.

Chris Farrell on the Fed

Economist Chris Farrell tells host Scott Jagow that the Federal Reserve Board overreacted when it increased interest rates Tuesday.

No room at the Austin inns

Hurricane Rita has triggered evacuations from the Texas Gulf Coast. One of the main escape routes for hurricane evacuees is Austin, but KUT's Julie Moody reports evacuees will find there's no vacancy.

Rita's eye on oil

Oil companies have already abandoned a lot of rigs and refineries in the oil-producing gulf. Stephen Beard reports on the impact Hurricane Rita is already making on oil.

Italy's finance minister quits

Domenico Siniscalco has walked away from his job in protest. He's unhappy that Bank of Italy head Antonio Fazio, who is implicated in a growing scandal, is sitting pretty. Megan Williams reports from Rome.

Sony to lay off 10,000

Sony Corp. announced today it will cut $1 billion from its budget. The company is launching efforts to turn around its fortunes. Alisa Roth reports.

WorldCom will make record payout

A federal judge Wednesday approved a $6.1 billion settlement payout to investors who lost money in the WorldCom accounting fraud. But, Tess Vigeland reports, it'll most likely be pennies on the dollar.

Venezuela makes nice with Cuba

America's favorite hemispheric villains plan to announce a trade agreement Thursday. The move is direct challenge to the American embargo of Cuba. Brian Ellsworth reports.

Broadband saturation

The spread of broadband Internet in American households has begun to slow down, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project. Brian Watt reports on the efforts to reach dail-up holdouts.

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