Marketplace AM for September 20, 2005

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From New Orleans to Houston to...

Hillary Wicai joins one displaced family as they navigate evacuee services and search for a new home.

Swipe and spend

Mastercard announced Monday it plans to distribute new credits cards that work with a simple wave past a scanner. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports on what this means for consumers.

The bagel economy

What does a bagel have to do with the savings rate? Commentator JD Samant explains.

Rita shocks crude prices

Prices for crude oil posted their biggest one-day gain ever on Monday over fears that Tropical Storm Rita could disrupt refining capacity in and around Houston. Cheryl Glaser reports.

Not so mighty OPEC

OPEC meets Tuesday to decide whether to act to lower global oil prices, but as Stacey Vane-Smith reports, the cartel might just be all talk.

Looking forward to the Fed

The Federal Reserve Board revisits short-term interest rates today. No rate change would signal a concern at the Fed the economy is slowing. John Dimsdale reports.

Flu shots! Get yer flu shots!

Hoping to avoid last year's flu vaccination shortage, federal health officials are proposing that doctors receive more money for each shot they administer. Helen Palmer reports.

Eminent domain backlash

The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to hear testimony today on legislation that would the recent Supreme Court decision giving local governments the power to seize homes for private development. Scott Tong reports.

The view from above

The aftermath of Katrina has cast a spotlight on the use of satellite imagery as a tool for damage assessment and reconstruction planning. Ita€™s also a growing business; Cristina Del Sesto reports.

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