Marketplace AM for September 19, 2006

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Business gets religion

Christian-based business ventures offer more than just books and devotional items. How about inspirational text messages and ring tones — even car insurance. Alex Goldmark reports.

Social networking for the digitally challenged

Commentator Paul Lamb argues online social networks can be used for real-world social good. It'll just take a little entrepreneurial spirit to make the technology accessible to everyone.

Housing starts . . . er, stops

New home construction fell six percent last month — the fifth drop in six months and double what was expected. Host Scott Jagow talks to FTN Financial chief economist Chris Lowe about the housing market slowdown.
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An ugly night in Budapest

An audio tape on which Hungary's Prime Minister said he and his Socialist party lied about the economy for four years to get reelected was leaked to the media sparking violent protests there. Host Scott Jagow talks to reporter Stefan Bos in Budapest.
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CEOs weigh economy

Top chief executives are less than bullish about prospects for economic growth over the next six months. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Gloomy holiday sales forecast?

The National Retail Federation today releases its forecast for this year's holiday sales season. And retailers aren't feeling too jolly about it. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

More battery problems for Sony

Toshiba said it's recalling 340,000 of Sony laptop batteries, but not because they might catch fire. It's because they just don't always work. Janet Babin reports.
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A new day for Maytag?

The appliance brand best known for its TV ads featuring a bored repairman hopes to reverse slumping sales with its first line of products under new ownership by Whirlpool. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

U.S. inspects British accountants

Some British financiers are accusing0 the U.S. of seeking to impose its laws on the UK after officials swooped on the London offices of a British accountancy firm. Stephen Beard reports.
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Air Force to test jet fuel alternative

In an effort to curb its growing budget for oil-based jet fuel, the Air Force is testing an alternative blend today. And commercial airlines will be watching closely. Jason Paur reports.

China's turning protectionist

Hank Paulson has arrived in eastern China but he's warned against high expectations for his four-day visit. It's a tough time to try to even the huge trade imbalance between the U.S. and China, Jocelyn Ford reports.
Posted In: Washington

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