Marketplace AM for September 19, 2005

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Compelled to give

Stacy Palmer, editor of the <em>Chronicle of Philanthropy</em>, tells host Lisa Napoli about what makes people want to give during an emergency.

The Sloan Sessions

Alan Sloan tells host Scott Jagow that the US Government will likely have to borrow the billions of dollars it has earmarked for Katrina relief &#8212; and what all that red ink might mean.
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Que Syrah Syrah

For decades, Latino farm labor has been the backbone of the wine industry in the western US. Now a growing number of former pickers are becoming winemakers themselves. Rachael McDonald reports from Washington's Columbia River Valley.

North Korea to scrap nuclear weapons program

North Korea said today it will end its nuclear weapons program. The US and other members of the 6-party talks say they'll provide the nation with oil, aid and security. South Korea is, well, giddy. Jocelyn Ford reports.

The next German Chancellor?

Angela Merkel claims victory in yesterday's German elections. But the vote tally is awfully close, and Gerhard Schr&ouml;der isn't admitting defeat. Kyle James reports.
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To the moon

Today NASA will outline plans to send man back to the moon. Brett Neely looks at how much the effort could cost and whether the government can afford it.

Voting in Afghanistan

Afghans went to the polls this weekend for the first parlimentary elections in 25 years. Miranda Kennedy reports that the results may not be known for weeks.
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OPEC meets in Vienna

OPEC may leave its daily quotas alone. But it's also considering making a one-time offer of a couple million extra barrels &#8212; or it might boost production. Stephen Beard reports from London.

The nuts and bolts of construction

General contractors gather in Washington, DC today for a conference on regulations for the construction industry. But as Ashley Milne-Tyte reports, Hurricane Katrina is likely to steal the spotlight.

Koslowski to be sentenced today

Former Tyco CEO Dennis Koslowski is scheduled to be sentenced for his part in the theft of more than $150 million from the conglomerate. Amy Scott reports that the judge might just throw the book at him.

TV marketers &#8212; outside the box

The debut of the new fall TV shows gets underway in full force this week, and as Rachel Dornhelm reports, the networks are turning to other means besides TV ads to lure viewers.

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