Marketplace AM for September 16, 2005

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New Orleans evacuees get help

Katrina Evacuees have scattered — to Dallas, Detroit, Washington DC, Boston, even the west coast. From KPCC in Los Angeles, Frank Stolze reports on one woman's efforts to help out the new arrivals.

A hot topic of the German elections

Sunday's national elections in Germany could usher in a new era of leadership for the land of Volkswagen and Nietsche. What does Donald Trump have to do with it? Curt Nickisch reports.

Bush speaks on Katrina

Last night the President outlined plans for reconstruction efforts in the wake of Katrina in a televised address. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports the economic implications of his speech.

Job Files: street promotion

Some employers mandate a dress code. Others provide the outfit. In this episode of the job files, a New York street promoter has to wear the suit — or split.

Amtrak reconsiders fare hike

Government-owned Amtrak decides to temporarily scrap plans for a fare hike on its profitable Northeast Corridor route. Were they afraid of killing the golden goose? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Afghanistan's poppies

This Sunday, the people of Afghanistan go to the polls to elect their first parliament in 25 years. But even as the country moves toward democracy, half its revenues still come from heroin. Miranda Kennedy reports from Kabul.

The Wall Street Journal times six

The legendary must-read for business news launches a Saturday edition for the first time since the 1950s. Amy Scott reports the move isn't just about keeping readers better informed.

Adults are paying attention

Attention Deficit Disorder is typically associated with kids, but adults are apparently are just as distracted as children — they've doubled the use of brand-name drugs to help them focus. Helen Palmer reports.

Outsourcing privacy

Some of the countries that have been the biggest recipients of outsourced US financial services, like India and China, have terrible track records protecting the information they handle, according to a new Congressional report. William Kistner has more.

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