Marketplace AM for September 14, 2007

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Kicking off South Africa's economy

Today marks the 1,000-day countdown to the next World Cup in South Africa. With millions of fans making the event a probable boon for the country, it's been celebrating by spending billions to prepare. Gretchen Wilson has more.
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A fresh alphabet spells success

Jera and Brad Deal turned an inventive letter-hunting game with their daughter into a multimillion-dollar business. Sean Cole paid them a visit and did some alphabet searching.
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Bank of England bails out lender

Northern Rock, one of Britain's biggest mortgage lenders, is now its biggest credit-crunch casualties. Fortunately for them, the Bank of England is coming to the rescue. Stephen Beard reports.
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Luxury retail's not hurting

While much of the retail economy is feeling the pinch of subprime, luxury spending seems only to be growing. But Steve Henn reports the high-end market could be skewing retail numbers across the board.
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Some cheating's business as usual

The New England Patriots were fined half a million dollars for using hidden cameras to steal their opponents' defensive signals. But business of sports commentator Diana Nyad told Scott Jagow that this sort of cheating has been going on forever.
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Shoot for the moon, break even

Google and the X Prize Foundation are offering a $30 million prize for someone who can land a robotic rover on the moon and send back pictures. The reward should just about cover the cost of getting the robot up there. Jeff Tyler has more.
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UAW contract almost up

The contract between the United Auto Workers and the big three car makers expires tonight at midnight, and there's a chance the talks will go past deadline. Alisa Roth looks at one of the main issues at stake.
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