Marketplace AM for October 7, 2005

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Have a sip of Soju

Alex Cohen explored how Soju is the one liquor that can be served at bars and restaurants with only a beer-and-wine license. The Korean spirit is boosting their bottom line.

On the lookout for bird flu

Today pharmaceutical industry leaders meet with the President to discuss preparations for a potential bird flu pandemic. Rachel Dornhelm reports on the economics of the flu vaccine.

What's new at the NHL

The National Hockey League skated back onto the ice this week after missing all of last year because of a labor dispute. Sports commentator Michael Knisley talks to host Scott Jagow about what's changed.

Whatcha watching?

Mike Speier, managing editor for Daily Variety, talks to Tess Vigeland about some of the winners in the new fall season. Like this guy: his name is Earl.

Refineries on the Hill

The House is scheduled to vote on a bill today to speed up construction of new refineries. And environmentalists are worried. John Dimsdale reports.
Posted In: Washington

Revisiting Katrina bids

Millions of dollars in government contracts for Katrina recovery were awarded with little to no competitive bidding. Now many of them will be re-bid. Alisa Roth reports.
Posted In: Washington

Banking, the Vatican and murder

The trial of four men accused of murdering Vatican banker Roberto Calvi has opened in Rome. Megan Williams reports on a story that includes a bank's collapse and organized crime.
Posted In: Canada

China's economic future

Chinese Communist Party leaders are scheduled to gather over the weekend to discuss the future direction of the country's economy. Ruth Kirchner reports.
Posted In: Canada

Ldaies, its for your protection

The Indian Government is considering how and whether to enforce a decades-old law the prohibits women from working the night shift. Miranda Kennedy reports on how this might affect India's call-center industry.

Do you want to be a billionaire?

Forbes Magazine been asking website visitors how low they would stoop for a billion dollars. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Have some fish & chips

Figures just released show that London's tourist industry has suffered a setback since the bombings in July. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

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