Marketplace AM for October 4, 2007

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Bad for Wall Street, bad for New York

Wall Street's layoff count is up to 130,000, which is four times higher than last year. And Amy Scott reports that the ax is likely to fall even further beyond banking jobs.
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A new way to look at borrower risk

A group of banks and nonprofits launches a new program today that will make credit available to riskier borrowers without as much risk to the lenders. Sam Eaton explains how it works.
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Shouldn't have bought the Skype

Online auction site eBay admitted that buying Internet telephony company Skype was not a good investment. Doug Krizner talks to technology reporter Dawn Chmielewski about why they're so surprised about low profits for a free service.

For millionaires who know their roots

Since purchasing U.S. Trust, Bank of America has been trying to shake its blue-collar image and appeal to weathy clientele. A new series of ads targets the self-made millionaire still remember where they came from. Amy Scott reports.
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Report cards in for Iraqi spending

The House is reviewing Pentagon spending on reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. About a third of the $45 billion spent to rebuild Iraq was used for security. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Keep that iPod in locked mode

A new report out says iPod-related crimes are on the rise. Scott Jagow talks to economics correspondent Chris Farrell about the evolving technology market and how we could curb "iCrime" in the future.
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Music sharing lawsuit goes to court

The record industry is finally going to trial after thousands of lawsuits against people who share music online illegally. The results of the trial could affect future lawsuits, as Jill Barshay reports.
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Barclays losing ABN AMRO deal

It seems Barclays is set to admit defeat in the battle for Dutch bank ABN AMRO, in light of a cash offer by rival Royal Bank of Scotland. Stephen Beard reports on a possible resolution.
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