Marketplace AM for October 4, 2005

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(Not) helping Katrina victims

The Department of Justice has issued its first indictment for Katrina-related Internet fraud, and as Stacey Vanek Smith reports, it's only the beginning.

Paying for the new New Orleans

David Wells, a correspondent with the <em>Financial Times</em>, offers commentary on the wisdom of using municipal bonds to fund Katrina reconstruction.

It makes sew much sense

Sarah Takesh, an Iranian-American businesswoman, moved to Kabul shortly after the fall of the Taliban to start a high-end apparel business. Sound a little crazy? Maybe, Miranda Kennedy reports, but it's working.

Cutbacks and windfalls

We've heard that Katrina and Rita have had a huge impact on oil and gas supplied. But as Cheryl Glaser reports, the storms have actually been a boon to some refineries.

A home run for hometowns

The Major League Baseball play-offs get underway today. Rachel Dornhelm looks what all that national exposure means for the host cities.

Still got those Enron certificates?

Only a fraction of the $4.8 billion collected as restitution in corporate fraud cases has been turned over to investors, the Government Accountability Office reported Monday. Bob Moon looks at why.

Gas hog backlash

SUV sales were off roughly 30% in September for Ford and GM. Are the gas-guzzlers that fueled auto industry's sales in the late '90s and early 2000s likely to tank further? Amy Scott reports.

Software pirates begone

Microsoft plans to offer low-cost versions of its Windows operating software in India to fight piracy. But will the pirates simply undercut the new price? Miranda Kennedy has more.

Can't get there from here

Tomorrow American Airlines will halt 15 daily roundtrip flights for at least the rest of October to offset soaring jet fuel prices. Are other airlines likely to follow suit? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

An estate by any other name...

A sure sign of prosperity in China these days is the growing number of gated residential communities springing up like mushrooms. Jocelyn Ford reports on the controversy surrounding their names.

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