Marketplace AM for October 3, 2007

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Another use for taxes: more legroom

Goverment workers are routinely abusing the rules of first and business-class when they buy their plane tickets, according to a congressional report out this morning. Amy Scott reports these findings aren't terribly new.
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No progress in Mexico's drug war

The Bush Administration is set to give Mexico nearly a billion dollars to fight drugs. But Dan Grech reports critics are skeptical of the effectiveness of the aid package.
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Soweto workers get a sweet ride

For many residents of Soweto on the outskirts of Johannesburg, the work place is in the city. And thanks to the Soweto Business Express, the commute is plush with middle-class comforts new to local train culture. Gretchen Wilson has the story.
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Label beats designer in fashion

Fashion designer Valentino, whose brand was bought earlier this ear by a private equity firm, is presenting his last ready-to-wear show in Paris. Jill Barshay reports that the namesake has come to succeed the person.

More eyes on Northern Rock

American private equity firm JC Flowers has raised £15 billion to buy British mortgage lender Northern Rock, which recently borrowed several billion dollars from the Bank of England to get out of trouble. Stephen Beard reports.
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$500 just for being born

The idea of giving a savings account to every newborn is making the rounds in Congress and has high-profile support. The goal is to give kids a head start on assets. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Measures to counter fake products

Counterfeit products continue to be a massive problem in the U.S. A conference is meeting today in Washington to come up with a plan to tackle the issue. Lisa Napoli has more.
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Looking outside the income tax system

Tax relief is difficult to sell as helpful to lower-income Americans, who pay little to no income tax. Commentator David Frum offers these solutions outside of the income tax system.

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