Marketplace AM for October 29, 2007

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Big payday for exiting Merrill Lynch CEO

Merrill Lynch CEO Stan O'Neal faces a probable resignation this morning after the company's biggest quarterly profit lose in its 93-year history. But Steve Henn reports he's not going to walk away empty-handed.
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Another cabbies' strike in Rome?

Cab drivers in Rome are facing off against city hall in a push for a 25 percent price hike. Megan Williams reports how the city's response could threaten another cabbies' strike.
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U.S.-Mexico illegal immigration down

Homeland Security is projecting much smaller numbers of illegal Mexican immigrants than last year. Alisa Roth reports the decrease might not just be due to a harder-working border patrol.
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Connecting Africans to Web potential

There are nearly a billion people on the continent of Africa, and only 4 percent of the population has Internet access. But some companies connect web access with new market potential and job creation. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Dubai's exchange growing globally

Emirates, one of the fastest-growing airlines in the world, is planning to list itself on Dubai's stock market. Stephen Beard reports that this gives a boost to Dubai's fledgling exchange, which is building itself as a global presence.
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'Smart For Two' is cool for geeks

Mercedes is taking its "Smart For Two" vehicle out for a test drive -- from Stanford University to Apple headquarters to the home base of Google. Jill Barshay reports why the automaker is targeting "cool geeks."
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Burned on big bank bailouts

Wall Street and the Treasury are teaming up on a superfund to buy back the bad investments from big banks to bail them out. Should they be doing that? Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan talks to Scott Jagow.

Banking at issue for Paulson in India

Today kicked off U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's three-day trip to India, where he'll be meeting with U.S. and Indian CEO's and heads of finance. Sunita Thakur tells us what's on the table.
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Taco Bell benefits from shelling out

The World Series is over, and because someone stole a base, Taco Bell will give away free tacos tomorrow. Amy Scott reports the cost of the promotion will be dwarfed by the payoff.
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