Marketplace AM for October 29, 2004

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The Class of 1929

Seventy-five years ago today, the stock market crashed. The Dow fell nearly 12 percent - and kept falling. The Crash of '29 profoundly affected a generation of Americans. And as Marketplace's Matthew Algeo reports, it continues to affect them - and the rest of us - to this day.

Remembering the Crash of 1929

On this date in 1929, the stock market crashed. Seventy-five years later, there aren't many people left on Wall Street who remember the Crash of '29. But Al Gordon does. He's been working on Wall Street since Calvin Coolidge was in the White House. And as Marketplace's Matthew Algeo reports, he's seen a lot of changes.

The Job Files!

And now for our latest installment of the job files: this week, a man who's in the business of scaring up disguises...

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