Marketplace AM for October 28, 2005

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New York's richest building

It's no surprise that housing in New York is some of the costliest in the nation, but how much does the most expensive apartment go for, and what do you get for the mint you have to pay? Bob Moon takes a look.
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Leaving New York

The song goes "If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere...," but for some, like filmmaker Peter Nicks, it's just not worth the cost or the hassle to seek their fortunes in New York City. Ashley Milne-Tyte talked with him.
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Saudi Arabia to join WTO

On Friday, the WTO votes to admit Saudi Arabia to the global trade group. But just what does a country need to do to join the club? Stephen Beard reports.

Clear Skies v. Clean Air

The EPA has released a comparison between the Bush Administration's Clear Skies Initiative and the decades-old Clean Air Act. According the Agency, Clear Skies would do a better job of curbing pollution. As Sam Eaton reports, not all agree.

(Not so) New Gulf Authorization

The Administration is expected to ask Congress to authorize another $20 billion for Katrina recovery efforts, but much of the money was already authorized once before. John Dimsdale looks at what's behind the request.

The Cost of a Grand Jury

The Grand Jury in the Valerie Plame case wraps up its work Friday. Rachel Dornhelm looks how the two-year process has affected the 23 men and woman serving on the panel... and their wallets.

U.S. Investors Look to Mutual Funds Overseas

International and foreign stock funds are attracting more U.S. investors than the domestic variety, a new report shows. Ashley Milne-Tyte looks at what's behind the trend.
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Cell Phone Dating

Forget personal ads and on-line dating sites, now you can shop for prospective mates, using your cell phone. Brian Watt reports.

Big Trouble in Big China?

There's concern Chinese economic growth could stall if American consumers pull back on their spendthrift ways. But as Jocelyn Ford reports, not every one's buying that.

Job Files (Pumpkin Farmer)

The Job Files explores the life of pumpkin grower John Muller.

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