Marketplace AM for October 28, 2004

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Place your bets ...

Wanna bet on the presidential race? Well, Las Vegas won't let you put any money down on it, but Iowa City will. The University of Iowa business school runs futures markets to research how well they predict election outcomes. Organizers say they do a better job than polls. From South Dakota Public Radio, Curt Nickisch reports.

Prediction markets

Can market forces predict who our next president will be? A lot of traders in presidential futures think they can. Marketplace's Chris Farrell tells host Kai Ryssdal what those futures markets are telling us about this year's election.

Check 21

It's going to be tougher now to float checks 'til payday. Host Tess Vigeland talks to Penny Gillespie with Forrester Reseach about new check processing rules that take effect today

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