Marketplace AM for October 27, 2005

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English as a second language

Millions of foreign immigrants call New York City home. A miniature United Nations convenes regularly at ESL classes across the city. Alisa Roth takes a look at one.

NY as the American Dream

At a taxi stand at Kennedy Airport, Marketplace talks to immgrants who drive the streets of the city they once dreamed of from Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

Davis Bacon rides again

The Davis Bacon prevailing wage standard was cut by President Bush following Katrina. Now it's coming back. Why the change? Hillary Wicai reports.

Is your BlackBerry in danger?

A decision by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Wednesday could jeopardize sales of BlackBerries in the United States. Janet Babin reports.

Flooding and fairness

Today a House subcommittee takes up the issue of assessing flood standards in New Orleans and across the country. Sam Eaton reports.
Posted In: Washington

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

Congress wants to tighten supervision over the government's mammoth mortgage lenders. Stacey Vanek Smith reports.
Posted In: Economy, Washington

A plea against piracy

US officials have asked the WTO to look at what can be done to stamp out the piracy of copyrighted material done in China. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Your refund is waiting

The IRS is sitting on $73 million in unclaimed tax refunds. Tess Vigeland looks at what the agency is doing to get that money where it belongs.
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Diversity is good business

A new study from the Society for Human Resource Management shows diversity in the workplace does more than promote social harmony. Hillary Wicai reports.

Is the NYSE listing to animal activists?

A Senate committee has been hearing allegations that the NYSE caved in to threats from animal rights activists when it postponed listing a British medical company. Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Wall Street

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