Marketplace AM for October 25, 2007

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FCC revisits ownership restrictions

A group of senators is trying to stop the FCC from further loosening media ownership rules. Jeremy Hobson reports why some believe the restrictions are still relevant, despite a growing trend towards online news.
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A union with non-democratic countries

French President Nicholas Sarkozy wants to create a Mediterranean Union along the lines of its European counterpart. But critics of the proposed union think it won't fundamentally work with some of the countries involved. Megan Williams has more.

Potential for disaster in urban slums

Urban areas in lower and middle-income countries are growing fast, and the conditions of the slums are enough to call for humanitarian efforts. Gretchen Wilson gives us the story from one such area in Johannesburg.

Working in Russia is risky business

Russian oil investor Mikhail Khodorkovsky is at the half-way point of his prison sentence for fraud and tax evasion, according to the government. Geoff Brumfiel reports why Russian businesses prosper if they're close in line with Putin.
Posted In: Crime, Investing

Congress tallies up subprime losses

Congress is projecting losses of over $100 billion in housing wealth from the subprime mortgage crisis, and not all of that comes from foreclosures. Jeremy Hobson reports a good chunk of loss comes from falling property values.
Posted In: Housing

Morning Commute: Shortest one ever

Right after Lisa Napoli was hired as a reporter for Marketplace, she went searching for apartments close by. The first one she saw -- and ended up keeping -- was across the street.
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Meager donations for wildfire victims

Over half a million people have left their homes to flee the threat of wildfires in Southern California. But despite the largest evacuation in the state's history, donations haven't exactly been flooding in. Jill Barshay reports.
Posted In: Charity

Worth more than Facebook value

Microsoft paid $250 million for a small stake in Facebook, winning out over websites like Google. But while Facebook expects $150 million in revenue this year, Google projects the site's value at $15 billion. Renita Jablonski tells us why.

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