Marketplace AM for October 25, 2005

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Breaking in on Wall Street

This summer a new crop of female MBAs and college graduates entered the securities workforce. What makes them want to join a profession with such a bad reputation for workplace equality? Amy Scott reports.
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New York: Making it hard to make it

Author and trend-watcher Joel Kotkin discusses New York City's myriad economic troubles with host Scott Jagow.

Greenspan: a hard act to follow

Ben Bernanke has been tapped to replace Alan Greenspan as the next Fed chief. Marketplace business editor Cheryl Glaser reports.
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Biding time on Wilma's dime

Not every one displaced by Wilma had a physical address. Some were the homeless denizens of state parks in the Florida Keys. Dan Grech meets up with a few in Miami.

Blog-obsessed ... at work

A new survey finds that employees are spending a chunk of work time keeping up with their favorite blogs. Tess Vigeland reports.

New cars — and business models — in India

Ford CEO Bill Ford Jr. visits India's capital today to unveil Ford's new line of Fiestas in what has become the world's second-biggest market. Miranda Kennedy reports.

One hurricane too many

This year's hurricane season has given many state-run flood insurance programs a run for their money. Sam Eaton reports.

Right to the heart

Workers who feel their bosses are fair have a reduced risk of heart attack and coronary disease, according to a long-term British study. Working for a bad boss? The news isn't so good. Scott Tong reports.

HDTV on the line

Starting today SureWest Communications offers HDTV over IP lines on a broad scale. That means owners of HDTV sets can have their cable service come over Internet connections. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

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